Thursday, February 25, 2016


We put 48 liters of diesel fuel in our truck and it cost 35,821 Malawi Kwacha and they only take cash.  You have to carry bags full of money here- it's so crazy. While we were there $1=MK700. The exchange rate is very unstable right now so it changes daily.

We just got 4 new tires and look what happened already.  Another flat tire.  I guess you shouldn't drive through a giant sized pot hole filled with water.  Something punctured the tire right through the side so we couldn't even get it fixed.

It was great entertainment for the kids who lived nearby.  

When we attracted a small crowd, I handed out cookies.  Everyone helped and we were soon on our way.

Every time we cross the border between Zambia and Malawi I breathe a sign of relief.  We have to have all the right paper work and everything has to be just so.  We were sitting in the immigration office and a girl came in selling corn.  Craig wanted to give it a try but it wasn't too good.  Definitely not Utah corn.  Good  news is, we made it across.

The middle of February we had a senior couples conference and were able to spend a couple of days in Livingstone.  It is only about a 5-6 hour drive from Lusaka.  Although I have been there many times, it was Craig's first time.  We even took a couple of days and took a safari trip to Botswana which is just across the border.

Lots and lots of elephants.

The 2 other couples we were with- the Groesbecks and Hulls.  We had a great time

I know you can't really see what the sign says but we thought it was so funny.  VALENTINES EVE at the 7-11.  COME AND SPEND COUPLES NITE.  Where else would you rather be?

Elder and Sister Andersen visited our mission and were here for a short 24 hours but they were powerful hours.  Every time he spoke to the members here the spirit just filled the room.  There was no doubt that he is an apostle of the Lord.  He told the people to have faith, be diligent and patient as they wait for a temple to be built in Zambia.  There is only 1 stake here in Lusaka but the church is growing fast.

We just received this in the mail today from our ward in Centerville- everyone wishing us Merry Christmas.  It was mailed on December 16 and it arrived on February 24.  It was so fun to read all the messages from home.  Thanks everyone who wrote from the Willow Wood Ward.  We love you!

Monday, February 8, 2016


This is a group of girls that Terry and I are teaching"My Job Search"once a week. They are dang cute! Only one of them is a member of the church .   They attend a group organized by an NGO called She Talks To The World.  We always begin, and end with a word of prayer, so we taught them how to pray also.  One time we asked them to sing a religious song- Wow was it great.

Same group
This self-reliance group here in Lusaka just finished "Education For Better Work".  We told them when they finished we would take them out for Pizza. We love these guys, They each had their own pizza, and then I could tell they where still hungry so we ordered up some more.  I think two more large.
We went to Malawi this week to do some training and took a little detour to see Lake Malawi.  We stayed over one night there and then went on. It was really beautiful. We went to pay the bill, and my card would not go through, which is pretty common in Malawi. I told the manager we were Missionaries, and that we would be staying the next 5 nights at the same hotel chain and I would pay when we got there.  He said, " No problem, you work for the Lord.  I trust you". 
This couple are in Malawi attending a 9 month program sponsored by Nu Skin called School Of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI).  It was a 2 hour drive outside of Lilongwe.  There were 5 member families there.  They learn agriculture, raising chickens and goats and fishing  Behind us is a acre of corn they planted on their own. They are also farming an acre of ground nuts, and acre of soybeans.  You might not think it is a big deal, but they have to hoe, to make rows,and plant one seed at a time.  When I asked if they used a tractor, they all broke out in laughter!  I'm so proud of them.
Take a look a this tree! Not sure what it is.
While we where at the school two guys saw a snake and took off after it hitting it with sticks.  This guy just grabbed it and stuck his stick through its head.  They said it was poisonous. 
These boys where fishing in the reservoir at SAFI.  The fish they where catching were about 2" long- they really looked like bait.  I asked them if they just eat them raw, or do they cook?  They really got  good laugh out of that.  They cook them whole and eat. 
This young man, Isaiah, leaves on a mission in two weeks.  He has only been a member for 1 year. He helped get his sister, and cousin baptised.  He is going to Nigeria- look at that smile. 
This was a group that has just finished "Start and Grow my "Business."  I had just met with them, and they shared how this program has changed their lives.  They had me bawling- I needed it, because we had been struggling all week wondering if we were doing any good.  The tender mercies of the Lord. 
  Ok, here is Sister Salmon teaching.  This was a fireside we had about PEF.   She did such a great job.  Its a good thing one of us is strong.