Sunday, November 29, 2015


This is the swimming pool at the mission office.  I was so surprised when I saw it. It is such a contrast between this and what there is outside of these walls.  Everything is locked up so tight with electric fences around many properties including the mission office and even our own apartment.  We have a gate with a guard 24/7.  There are 2 paddle locks on our front door and 1 on our back door. The church is just renting this place and I don't think anyone has ever used the pool.

This is where we spend a good deal of our time- in traffic!  It is unbelievable, no matter the time of day.  It is really a lesson in patience because there is nothing you can do about it but just plan for it.  You have to be very aggressive or you won't get anywhere.  I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. Craig is doing a great job with the driving even when I am gasping in terror.

Our Self Reliance Services manager has been here with us all week training us and we have not stopped for a minute since he came.  He is from Zimbabwe and covers all of Zimbabwe, Zambia,and Malawi. This is a chamber of commerce meeting we went to trying to find out what kinds of jobs are industry in Zambia looking for.  We discovered there's not much demand for anything which makes it difficult when people here, especially return missionaries want to access the Perpetual Education Fund.  The church won't approve their loans unless they believe that their chosen field of study will lead to a job.  Otherwise they won't be able to pay back the loan or become self reliant. There is a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding about how the PEF program works so part of our job is to inform and teach the wards and branches the correct way to access it.  We have been traveling throughout the mission to get a feel for how the self reliance program is working in all the wards and branches.  Some are doing well and some need lots of help.

This is one of the branches we visited in Kitwe which is about 5 hours north of  Lusaka.  The branch president here is 23 years old.  When he got released from his mission by the mission president he was called as the branch president at the same time.  He is doing a fantastic job.

The primary room where I'm told they cram 20-30 kids every Sunday.

The baptismal font at another one of the districts.

The man in the wheelchair is President Kapato.  He is the District President in the Ndola District with his first councilor.

I am overwhelmed at the amount of work there is for us to do here.  Next week we head to Malawi which will be about a 12 hour drive.  I have never done so much sitting in all my life- in the car or in a meeting, something that neither Craig nor I am used to.   Another lesson in patience.


  1. Oh my! What an experience you're having. We love your pictures and posts. You are really sacrificing so much.

  2. Amazing! I will never complain our classrooms are to small again! I feel amazingly pampered now.

  3. I am loving and appreciating our ward building. We love you two. Thanks for sharing we are anxious to learn from your experiences. Nakina and Dakota were shocked with the primary room and baptismal font. Love you guys. Jim and Jacque Lee

  4. I am loving all of your posts! What an amazing adventure!!

  5. Can't you use that swimming pool for baptisms?!

  6. I just read your blog to mom and she loved it! Be careful in that traffic and know that you are in our prayers! You both look great! Keep up the blog it will be so nice for mom to see your faces every week !

  7. HeyHeyHey!!!!!
    Holy cow, I think about you guys every day! What an experience you're having. I am so inspired by your selfless devotion to help the folks over there and build the Kingdom. Merry Christmas and God bless! We love you guys,
    Scott and Sydney ��

  8. Wow! I don't think I could resist that pool! I am glad there is much work to be done there. Now you know how greatly you were needed! I love you two! Thank you for serving our fellow brothers and sisters on this earth. ❤️